Beautiful and effective multichannel fundraising campaigns.

Direct mail, email, text, phone, fundraising pages
and reporting for higher ed and non-profits.
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Create a multichannel campaign in an easy, step-by-step process.

Campaign set-up

From years of working directly with universities colleges, and non-profits, we have all the campaign options you want. The best part though - it's easy.

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Prepare campaign data

Personalize your messaging across all channels with easy to use data filtering and segmentation. From one uploaded data file, you can create a variety of contact lists.

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Build your multichannel campaign

Build direct mailers, emails, texts, a giving page with merchant account integration (and more) with our beautiful and easy-to-use campaign communication builders. A variety of templates are available to edit and customize.

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Send, track and report

All campaign results are captured and reported in real-time. Access to your campaign data and a variety of exports available 24/7.

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All reports and campaign analytics in one place.

Together at last! Campaign reports and a master dashboard showing you how your fundraising and advancement campaigns are performing across all communication channels.

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