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Data upload

Data Upload, Filtering and Segmentation

Managing constituent data for a personalized fundraising campaign is tough! We make it easy.

Paula JohnsonPaula Johnson
 Alumni 2001Neil McCormick
Past DonorKimberly O’Shane
Alumni 2018Jack Robertson 
Alumni 2012

Easy .CSV Upload

Once you set up your campaign, we generate a
customized sample data file that you can
download. Copy and paste your data, then upload!

Upload CSVChoose files
Download Sample CSV File
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Filter and Segment

Get out of spreadsheet hell! Create, filter and segment as many contact lists from your uploaded data file
as you like using the Shift One platform.

Alumni class year segmentCorporate Friends segmentGraduates segmentLYBUNT segmentNon donors segmentGraduates Mail segment
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