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4 New Donor Appeal Ideas for the New Year

January 4, 2023

4 New Donor Appeal Ideas for this New Year

Need some fresh ideas?

We know how hard you work. You put in endless hours of work to pull off the many roles that you have. This year, you deserve a break. We can’t help with the stacks of paperwork or messages on your desk, but we can give you some ideas to get you started on your appeals for the this year.

Here’s our favorite four appeals for you to consider:

1. Volunteer Story

If you are a not for profit organization you know the value of a good volunteer. You rely on their time and efforts in so many ways. Have an all star volunteer?  A team of volunteers who have developed a great bond? A family who volunteers together? Share their stories, the importance of what they do and how they give back. Include a clear and easy to follow call to action if you are recruiting new volunteers. 

2. Highlight a New Fund or Cause 

Connect with your donors and future donors and share your message by highlighting a new or a specific fund. Make your constituents aware of what your fundraiser does and who it benefits. It might not seem like important information to share but over 60% of donors said they were influenced to give back based on where and how the donations would be used. If you aren’t sharing this information with your donors you might be missing out on their support! 

3. Thank You Campaign 

Did you know that January is considered the most depressing month of the year? Brighten up the month for your donors by sending a personalized. Email, Text and Recorded Voice Messaging (RVM) are the best channels to utilize for this type of appeal. Personalize your message to your donor and thank them for giving back. Update them on your fundraiser and how their contributions (and others) were used.

4. Resolution to Give Back 

Whether you make them (or stick to them) or not, resolutions are on a lot of people's minds as they enter a new year. While everyone is excited and determined to stick to their resolutions this year, make sure you are on their list of places to give back to. This is a great time to connect with future donors and turn current donors into monthly or quarterly givers. Connect with them towards the beginning of the year when they are most committed to their goals. 

Good luck!

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