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Why You Shouldn't Sleep on December Fundraising

December 5, 2023

The final month of the year inspires more than just the festive season.
As the year comes to a close, many people are often in the giving spirit, making December an ideal time of the year to capitalize on fundraising efforts, reach people while they are in the holiday mood and eager to give back to their communities.
We’re exploring the many benefits to fundraising this time of year and sharing some last minute ways you can engage your constituents in fundraising this December. 

  1. The Generosity of the Season
  2. Year-End Tax Benefits
  3. Emotional Connections
  4. Leverage End-of-Year Giving Trends
  5. Digital Engagement
  6. Last Minute Options for December

1. The Generosity of the Season:

This time of year brings out the generosity of individuals. As people reflect on the year behind them and the new year ahead, they are motivated to give and contribute what they can towards causes that are important to them. This time of year, leverage the ‘giving season’ and the kindness of your constituents, who are eager to contribute and give back. 

2. Year-End Tax Benefits:

Highlighting the ability to make tax-deductible contributions before the end of the fiscal year, will motivate many donors to give. Promoting the tax benefits is a smart fundraising tactic as it encourages people to give larger donations than they typically would. Emphasize the positive impact your donors make towards your cause and why their support is necessary to your long term success.

3. Emotional Connections:

December brings out the positive emotions and connections that people have with each other and with causes. Use storytelling to resonate with your audience and evoke that positive connection they have to your organization. Sharing stories of success and triumph motivate people to get involved. Use these stories to highlight the importance your donors have to your cause's success and encourage them to give back and make a difference this holiday season. 

4. Leverage End-of-Year Giving Trends:

Statistically speaking, a third of all annual giving occurs in December. Tap into this giving trend and build momentum with your audience with strategic year end fundraising campaigns. We know that people are giving this time of year, ensure your contacts are aware of your cause and how to give back or get involved this time of year. Did you know 10-15 percent of total annual giving happens in the last three days of the year?

5. Digital Engagement:

The ongoing rise of online tools for interacting and engaging makes digital fundraising easier than ever before. Utilizing email and campaign specific giving pages are two great ways to effectively execute digital fundraisers. Use these tactics with other online tools to create content that is meaningful to your contacts and reach them with multiple communication channels to ensure your message is received using their preferred method.

6. Last-Minute Options for December Fundraising

  • Text Message: With over 98% open rate, text messages are the one of the most effective ways to reach your contacts with your messaging. Naturally, texting is easy to get together, all you need is a contact list and a message (ideally under 300 characters for optimal engagement). Include a related image for best results.
  • RVM: Recorded Voice Messaging is another excellent way to connect with your constituents. Not only is it very quick to prepare with a data list and a recorded audio message, but it's incredibly effective for fundraising.
  • Email Appeals: Craft compelling email appeals, focusing on urgency and the impact of year-end contributions. Use one clear call to action to increase engagement with your email.
  • Social Media: Use your social media channels to interact with your followers and share your message. This multichannel communication strategy is most effective when used in combination with other outreach.
  • Thank You Campaigns: Express gratitude to donors with personalized thank-you messages, handwritten messages and emails are great outlets for thank you campaigns. Consider showcasing the impact of their contributions through testimonials and success stories. 

December is a golden opportunity for fundraising professionals to maximize their efforts. By shifting into the spirit of the season, emphasizing tax benefits, and leveraging digital communication, you can create impactful and successful campaigns. For those looking for last-minute options, text, RVM email appeals, social media and thank-you campaigns offer effective strategies to make a difference in the final month of the year. December is a time to turn the holiday spirit into a force for positive change.

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